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Rochelle Diogenes

With over twenty years in education, founder Rochelle Diogenes has spent a lot of time thinking about and applying learning strategies. Her innovations in pedagogy, text writing, and assessment for Pearson, Worth, McGraw-Hill, and Random House have helped millions of college students learn. Now, when education technology is exploding, she has turned her attention to helping companies create meaningful strategies for higher education content and marketing. She is dedicated to helping learners retain and use what they have learned.

Rochelle brings business acumen and educational theory and practice together at DiogenesLearning. In an industry where first editions were largely test springboards, she scaled their development  to meet or exceed sales goals with a success rate of over 85%. With all digital programming in its “first edition,” this experience is particularly helpful in working on courseware with companies, administrators and faculty.

Rochelle created models and training materials for content and metadata populating digital platforms such as MyLabs, Pearson’s student ebooks and study programs, and Learning Catalytics, a classroom assessment and response platform. Framing new processes for developing education content continues to be a strength in her collaboration with edtechs.

Rochelle’s expertise includes integrating market data with instructional design fundamentals such as Bloom’s Taxonomy and Edward Tufte’s visual information strategies. She initiated the scaffolding of higher education learning outcomes where no national standards exist. Rochelle’s white paper on how to incorporate 21st Century Competencies across digital systems helped set Pearson policy.

Rochelle received top-product awards on college texts including Ciccarelli, Psychology, Aronson, Social Psychology and Fernandez-Armesto, The World. She was the lead author for Critical Thinking Resource Manual [Psychology], Prentice Hall, 1993. She completed the one-day course, Presenting Data and Information, taught by Edward Tufte.

Rochelle earned an M.Ed in Special Education (Emotionally Disturbed Children) from the University of Illinois and taught four years at the middle/high school level in public and hospital settings. She often writes about her teaching experiences in her blog.

Rochelle earned her BA with Honors  in General Studies: Psychology and Political Science  from the University of Chicago.